A2. Aggregates Monitoring (AM) Surveys

Aggregates Monitoring Surveys are undertaken by the RAWPs to provide details of the regional and national production and consumption of aggregates. Main surveys are undertaken on a four yearly cycle for England and Wales and also provide information on the regional distribution of aggregates production. The last completed survey was carried out for 2001 and the national collation was published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister*. The information is collected from minerals producers by the mineral planning authorities in a survey collated regionally by the Regional Aggregates Working Parties. Since the early 1990s, the RAWPs have also undertaken annual surveys of aggregates production and reports summarising aggregates production and reserves in each mineral planning authority are published each year.

* Collation of the Results of the 2001 Aggregates Minerals Survey for England and Wales ODPM (British Geological Survey) 2003

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